AP Djaelani CH,CHt

AP Djaelani, Certified Hypnotist & Hypnotherapy (aktif)

Layanan Hipnoterapi Surabaya-Sidoarjo & Jember-Lumajang |Special in Islamic Parenting and Hypnotherapy

1founder of The Djaelani Family Consulting & Hypnotherapy
2D3 – BSI – Jakarta
3Fakultas Ekonomi – STIE Mahardhika, Surabaya
4Member of The Indonesian Board of hypnotherapy
5Student of HypnoNLP series- Budi Institute of Hypnotism
6Certified Hypnotist – The Indonesian Board of hy pnotherapy
7Certified Hypnotherapy – The Indonesian Board of hypnotherapy
8Advance Hypnotherapy – Budi Institute of Hypnotism
9Hypnotherapy Basic – Budi Institute of Hypnotism

Praktik dengan perjanjian :

WA: 081232849559

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